TOTD 2/21/2018

Thought of the day 2/21/2018 Having a positive outlook of life comes with the realization that sometimes it's going to suck.


So, you want to be a Streamer?

A somewhat sarcastic look at Twitch Part Two: You're ugly and nobody likes you! Alright! You got all that techie bullsh!t out of the way let's get to streaming and start are path to stardom! We deserve this right? we spent like almost a whole hour setting things up, so these Twitch plebs better show … Continue reading So, you want to be a Streamer?


Thought of the Day 2/14/2018 Watched a prison documentary. Every inmate of course wants their "freedom". Made me wonder, have I ever truly experience "freedom"? I mean, we say we are "free" all the time, yet we are governed by thousands of guidelines, rules and boundaries. Now I realize that we can all go running … Continue reading TOTD