Gamewisp Subscriber Emotes

Yes I have them and you want to use them, here’s how!


  1. FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) uses a third party add-on to allow GameWisp subscriber emotes. First, download and install FFZ
  2. Once FFZ is downloaded, download and install the FFZ: Add On Pack
  3. Once installed, GameWisp global and subscriber emotes should be visible in the FFZ emote menu. You should also see GameWisp subscriber badges in chat. GameWisp subscriber emotes used by other viewers on Twitch should also be viewable in the chat.

Do GameWisp subscriber emotes work on mobile?

If you use Android, you can use StrimBagZ to see GameWisp emotes and subscriber badges. GameWisp is not affiliated with StrimBagZ in any way, so if you encounter problems with emotes when using this app, please contact their support for help. 

If you use iOS, there is currently (to our knowledge) no application that allows the use of GameWisp emotes and subscriber badges. When Gamewisp finds out that one exists, I’ll be sure to put a link to it here!


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