Welcome back, I’ve missed you!

Hey Gang,

I guess I should start with saying “I’m sorry” I’ve neglected my website for far to long. The reason? I had no f@cking idea what I wanted to do with it? I had all these great and grand idea’s but at the end of the day my creative juices simply were not flowing, I got lazy and just let it slide. Like so many other things I used a plethora of excuses to mask my laziness.  I just grew sick and tired of my indecision and hopefully I found a new outlet, blogging. I just realized I need an outlet or “journal” to put my thoughts down, what better place than the internet right? Now this won’t be a “dear diary” piece of sh!t, I really want to focus on a few key topics. 1. Streaming 2. Twitch 3. Porn. Well two outta three ain’t bad I guess.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading my bullsh!t and feel free to comment below (douche bags) will of course be ignored.


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