Turned down (yet again) From Twitch

  1. Got the viewers, check!
  2. Got the schedule, check!
  3. Got a quality stream, check!
  4. Got the community, check!
  5. Got turned down by Twitch for partnership, Check?

Yes, it happens probably thousands of times a day, streamers getting that professional yet somehow robotic “Thanks, but no Thanks” letter from Alex at Twitch. Who the h@ll is Alex anyways?

I think I’ve applied to Twitch three times in the over three years I’ve been streaming and turned down every time by Alex, I’m starting to dislike Alex..

The first time it hit me really hard, I took it personally and felt I really did something wrong, the second time I gave Twitch the big f@ck off and left to try my luck on other platforms. This time I said “I’ll try again in two weeks!” just as the (I’m sure he’s a robot) Alex suggested.

It really is not personal anymore at the sheer volume of streamers that apply the reality is you have a slim chance to obtain a partnership on your first try, those days are long gone. You need to be professional, creative, positive and most of all stubborn as f@ck and simply keep hammering on Twitch’s door until you’re noticed or escorted from the property.

While I was bummed out when I saw the email, I was not discouraged. If anything I was already working on my next application before I even finished reading Alex’s email. To many obtaining a partnership is the pinnacle of streaming, to me it is just the middle of my journey. See you in two weeks Twitch and Alex you can s@ck it (jk)


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