Brand Creation

Telling or better yet showing people who I am and what I am about has been one of the hardest challenges I’ve faced in my over 3 years of streaming. I’ve been forced to evaluate my values, passions, and perhaps even my soul and then try to blend this all into a catch phrase a logo or an avatar picture. Then after all of this effort, design and redesign it simply seems (at least to me) to go complete unnoticed. Have we become so overwhelmed with images of “stuff” that we now find it hard to sort out those that may have some value versus those that are meaningless, or did I simply miss the mark again? Even when feedback is asked for I get a “looks cool” or “where’d you get it?” never the thought provoking analysis I crave. So I figured out the problem, me! I’ve become so ingrained into how to show “who I am” I never just showed it. Of course these images and empty phrases have no value, I put none into them through my actions. It could take years or even a lifetime before a few pixels on the screen mean something to someone other than myself, and the only reason they have value to me is I invested time into them. The lesson I learned was why “branding” is very important in the long run to any content creator it is the actual content that define them. Be yourself first then catch that in an image or words that come to mind as you learn more about how you act or react to streaming, video’s etc.

In time, we’ll all know. Who we are.


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