Game Addiction: Underplayed & Overwhelmed.

Looking at my Steam library I’m shocked by the number of games I see, this is not including all the other sites and services that provide games. GOG, Origin, Uplay just to name a few. Now I in no way hold these or any other sites accountable for my actions nor do I consider being a “game addict” a detrimental aspect in my life destined to send me spiraling out of control, living on the streets with “meth mouth”. But I do see a negative trend in how I purchase, play and enjoy games, in order to understand this let’s go back in time.

Once upon a time people had only one option to get games, they had to go out and buy them, information was at times limited and 50 new releases were not pumped out each week. You held onto your games, you treasured them, you played them for hours and hours never really knowing when the next game would appear. So in short, back then you made critical choices in the game (as in single game) you would purchase and play, most time simply by reading the back of the case/box or by asking the guy/girl behind the counter “if it was any good?” Once home, you experienced magic, it was typically something you have never seen before it was new and hopefully exciting. 100% completion was most times not by choice but by the exact opposite the lack of choice!

Now here we are in 2017 I have a some “disposable income” and unlimited internet, games are as easy to buy as clicking the “buy now” button and believe me I do. I see a good deal, I buy it. I see the newest “hyped’ game, I buy it. I feel sad, I buy it. I feel happy, I buy it. I think you get the point. It is just so easy to get our hands on games, this is a good thing as it means more game developers can spend time making games and less time thinking of all the logistics on how to distribute them to the masses. Sadly the other side of that coin is that many games never get finished or even played to a point of understanding. I’m so guilty of this, just off the top of my head I would say that 90% of the games I own have been played less than 15 hours.

This is where my addiction comes in, I get a buzz when I buy a new game, it is exciting watching that download bar fill to 100% then I start it up and WHOA BOY! this is awesome, for about 45 minutes then I start to feel tired and that dreaded sense of boredom starts to creep its way into my head. As a streamer this is even worse as I tend to not want to switch games during a stream, yet I find myself always at a crossroads when it comes to games. I love to play them, but I can’t play them to long..

I’ve decided to make some simple changes to how I buy games, load up my paypal account with “X” amount of dollars and once the money is gone so is my spending for the month on games, another change is to look for games that offer a wider range of “play styles” to allow for my gaming mood swings. My hope is to better understand my spending and play more with less games. I’ll update you on my progress in the next few months..

If you were to make any changes to how you buy and/or play games what would they be?



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