15G Planted Nano Build – Entry 1

I eagerly arrive home with my goodies in hand.

Oh boy am I ever ready to get this tank started, You’ll be able to find tons of video’s online on the Fluval products. But here are the video’s from Fluval.

Fluval Flex

Fluval Stratum

So, here are my thoughts on the Flex and Stratum.

First off, both are excellent products. The Flex is a joy to look at and behold and Fluval did a very good job, fit and finish were top notch, I only noticed a few very small blemishes in the silicone. If you watched the video you’ll know it comes with everything you need, minus the heater. Lighting seems good and comes with all the “novelty” lighting elements. Night mode, storm and settings to adjust red, green and blue. According to the manual here are the specs:

  • Watts: 10.8
  • Lux: 2450
  • Colour temp: 7500 K
  • LED’s 48 = 6 RGB

The included pump is rated at 132 Gal./h

My only real gripe is the filter inlet holes, they are much too large and will allow fish and shrimp to enter into the filter area.



There are many “mods” to address this, I simply cut the block of filter foam in half and used it to “block” the openings. This offers a few benefits.

  1. Fish & shrimp can no longer enter
  2. Offers a “pre filter” that can easily be cleaned with a small gravel vac.
  3. offers a great place for beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive.


It would be difficult and messy to remove the foam, so my plan is to simply leave it in there and see if flow is effected overtime. Let’s face it, this tank houses only small fish and shrimp so you’ll never have to deal with giant fish turds in the water, I doubt it will ever cause an issue, but by cutting the foam in half I can remove the top section and leave the bottom section in place, so I have this “safety backup”.

As for the Fluval Stratum, I am very impressed. it is a fragile substrate so handle with care and rinse well. Best to place all your hardscape then add this substrate. I only rinsed it for a few minutes and had no issue with clouding, just add your water slowly.

After my simple modification and some basic aquascaping I’m now the proud owner of a great nano tank!

Picture 3

Now we wait and decide on what to stock…


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