Shrimp Found!

Well I solved the mystery of my MIA Shrimp, it seems that when i used the foam for to restrict the filter inlets I left a small gap, this was due to having to split the lower foam to fit over a “lip” in the back wall. My thinking this is for the Fluval Skimmer for the EVO tank that can also be used in the FLEX. So I managed to catch all the shrimp in the filter area and put them back into the display section of the tank and plug up this hole. Hopefully this works and I’ll be sure to keep checking the filter area for any escape artists. IMG_20170913_141955

Tank temperature. We’er having a very mild “end of summer” and with it I have noted my FLEX is getting a little warmer. Somewhere between 74 – 78 if I believe the (2) digital thermometers I have in the tank. I’ve even gone as far as to unplug my heater and do cold water changes. Why am I to suffer crappy products !?! I mean I have these thermometers sensors about 4 inches apart and such a huge temp. difference?img_20170913_141937.jpg

This is something I’ll be keeping my eye on. I have ordered a 3rd thermometer and hope that settles things or at least gives me a average.


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