So, you want to be a Streamer?

A somewhat sarcastic look at Twitch

Part Two: You’re ugly and nobody likes you!

Alright! You got all that techie bullsh!t out of the way let’s get to streaming and start are path to stardom! We deserve this right? we spent like almost a whole hour setting things up, so these Twitch plebs better show up!

  • Got the title set?
  • Check!
  • Got the game set?
  • Check!
  • Pressed “Go Live”
  • Check!

OK, here we go, only a matter of minutes before thousands of screaming fans come running into my stream demanding I take their bits, cheers, donations and contact info for hot sexy party type things!

Wait a minute!?! I’ve been streaming almost twelve minutes and no one is here?

So I guess you thought you were unique and special right? Oh how wrong you are. You see, unlike most “standard” media (TV, Radio etc.) Twitch is overpopulated and well developed. Streamers that choose Twitch as a career path offer a very polished product and are often time compensated though other means in order to bring you the best quality, service and products.

While viewers are faced with a overwhelming choice in what to watch. They have games, IRL (boobs), creative (sometimes boobs), Music and a host of other choices to satisfy their never ending appetites for entertainment and community. At one time it was the “little guy” (YOU) VS. the “big guy” now the competition is five hundred “little guys” VS. YOU VS. the 50 “big guys”. So even having a single viewer stick with you is a HUGE deal.

So what can you do? Well sadly, I think the best answer is, nothing. Just have to the face the fact Twitch is a big ocean and you are a plankton. This doesn’t mean you have to give up, on the up side, having little to no viewers allows you to change and adapt without screwing with your viewer base, it provides you the freedom to grow as a streamer, make mistakes and learn from them without five thousand people taking notice.

Growing as a streamer can be very rewarding. Gaining a single new viewer is exciting and if they stick around and become part of your community, it is even better!

Never gauge you success in donations, subscriptions or followers. It all boils down to viewers they are the life blood that your stream needs to survive. So many times you’ll here the canned statement “I stream for myself” I’m gonna call bullsh!t on this right now. If you stream for your self just record yourself and watch the playback, throwing content on a public site, means you want to attract a part of that “public” and there should be no shame in that no matter the reason.

So stick with what you know, YOURSELF! Offer the best side of that to the people and a few will stick around. Twitch is a big mountain and you can walk, one step at a time.


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